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I’ve been a practicing hypnotist since 2004.  I’ve hypnotized around 30,000 people.  Smoking cessation, weight loss, nail biting, test anxiety… I’ve helped a lot of people with a lot of issues.  Here’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from nearly two decades of working with people on self-improvement:

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Are you taking your own anxiety for granted?

The word “anxiety” is so commonly used today, it can be easy to not think about what it really means and how it’s impacting your life.  If we don’t take an honest look at how what’s stressing us out, and how that stress impacts our relationships, our sense of safety, and our happiness, we could be in for some serious challenges.

Luckily, we’ve got Troy Blankenship for this episode.  Troy specializes in helping people get a handle on their anxious feelings and cultivate more optimism and positive thinking strategies.

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