We’re always working on creating new content that will help you learn new skills and improve your life.  But we don’t just want you to consume that content; we want you to engage with the content and the professionals who create it.

Let’s start with a really simple example: articles.  Our professionals write articles about various personal development areas.  You can leave comments on those articles and interact with the professional who wrote it.  They want to hear from you!  You can only leave comments on blog articles once you have set up at least 50% of your profile.  That requirement is part of our effort to make sure that interaction in the community is authentic.

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We have Groups here at High Impact Hypnosis as a way for people to come together around a common area of personal development.  Groups are available to our Subscribers, Premium Subscribers, and Professionals.  Free members do not have access to Groups. If you join a group, you can always decide to leave that Group later.

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Earlier in this orientation, we described the importance of creating a community for support, and we also mentioned the various forms of content that is here at High Impact Hypnosis.  Some of that content is open to be browsed through and consumed in no particular order, but there are also programs here at High Impact Hypnosis that are organized specifically to lead you through a growth experience and help you acquire new skills.  We call these program experiences “Quests.”

Quests Are Learning Adventures

Let’s say that you want to learn to meditate.  We have a Meditation Quest here at High Impact Hypnosis.  The quest gets completed in stages:

  1. Exploring Meditation
  2. Beginning Meditation
  3. Intermediate Meditation
  4. Advanced Meditation

In each stage of the quest, users use the lessons provided to learn new concepts, practice new skills, and further their understanding.  Our Professionals have provided the content that will support your learning and success, and they do their best to check on what’s happening in related groups and comment areas so that they can answer questions, clarify objectives, and encourage you onward.

But There’s One More Thing That Makes Quests Great…

We hope you love the feeling of learning new things and building your life skills, but we wanted to help you stay motivated by providing a reward system that recognizes your achievements, so we have used gamification software to enhance your Quest experiences.

You will earn badges and levels as you complete the stages of various quests, and you’ll also earn rewards for your community involvement.

If you’re ready to complete your orientation to High Impact Hypnosis, click the “Mark as Complete” button below, and then use the top menu of the site to head on over to the Quest page!

We really want High Impact Hypnosis to be an online community that brings people together.  We hope that you make new friends and that those friends support your growth and development, and you encourage them on their journey, as well.

You can add Friends here, similar to other sites you may have used before.  You can leave posts on your friends’ wall and have private chats with them.

When you visit another user’s profile, there will be an “Add” button that you can use to send them a friend request.

You can browse the current Member Directory to find users who you might want to add as Friends.

Your profile is going to help you connect with other people in the online community, so it’s important that you put some basic information on your profile before you get full access to the community:

  • Your name
  • A photo of you
  • A cover photo for your profile
  • The country you are from
  • The languages you speak

By providing this basic information on your profile, you’re making it a little easier for people to connect with you and feel like we’re all part of this community.  There is more information that you can share on your profile beyond those basic starting points.  How much more you share is up to you.

Use this link to go to your Account.

Once you are there, click “view profile” underneath the profile image.