People often eat emotions when stressed, rather than experiencing them.

People who struggle with weight often eat emotions. If regulating our eating were simply a matter of will power and some basic knowledge about good nutrition, we’d all be there now! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work like that. Read more

What’s it going to take?

How do you create the relationship you desire?
How do you experience the sex life you really want?

I’m inviting you to go further, and I’ll help you get what you want.

What are your beliefs?

In order to have a healthy sex life, we must truly understand our own belief system around sexuality.

What have you been taught?

What do you believe about sex?

What are your expectations?

What could improve in your sex life?

Let’s connect the dots…

We’ve already discussed the importance of being authentic.  We’ve talked about being gentle with yourself.  Now is the time for honesty in reflection.

Let’s Practice Awareness

Our ability to be aware of what’s going on within us and outside of us is an important skill.  As we develop awareness, we can then practice better ways of dealing with what we become aware of.  Practice this exercise as a starting point.


It’s all about communication.

Verbal, vocal, and body language.  Are they congruent?  I’ll explain in this video.

How do you create the results you want in your relationship?

As you are gentle with yourself, you’ll be gentle with others.  Creating “an oasis” for yourself is a way to be gentle with yourself.

What would a small space, or time for you to be in control of what you want, look like?

Every quality of our relationship starts with ourselves, and so, what is your relationship with yourself?

Take some time and reflect on what it means to be gentle with yourself.

Like most of us, my beliefs have been generated by past experiences. But unlike most, my beliefs are also strongly influenced by the system of astrology.
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