I began learning hypnotism in 2003.  I earned my first certification in 2004.  I had previously worked as a high school English teacher and as a student affairs professional at a state university.  Hypnotism came into my career path as a coincidence.  When I first started learning about it, I thought I would do it as a hobby, but I quickly changed my mind about that and realized it was much more than a hobby.

In my first consulting experience, I hypnotized a young woman who wanted to stop chewing on her fingernails, and in 20 minutes I had hypnotized her, discovered how the bad habit began, and then helped her release that bad habit.  In one session, she stopped chewing her finger nails, and she was thrilled about being able to grow out healthy, long nails.  I then realized that I could help people create meaningful changes in their lives quickly and effectively.

I had dreamed of being an entertainer since I was a kid, and stage hypnotism gave me a way to indulge that fantasy.  For fifteen years I toured around the United States, hypnotizing people on stage and giving them all kinds of interesting experiences.  When I wasn’t traveling and performing, I would see clients at my home office.  I truly enjoy all aspects of hypnotism, and see value in sharing both sides of the profession with people.

Today, over fifteen years later, I still enjoy performing, but I want to focus more on using hypnosis to create powerful change in people’s lives.  This website, and the programs contained within it, are my best effort at doing so.  It is my hope that people will use the programs and information on this site to take greater control of their own minds and to leverage the power within themselves.  The mind is the greatest tool, and when properly harnessed it can move us to new horizons we didn’t think possible.