Hypnosis for weight loss works!

Have you ever wondered if using hypnosis for weight loss is really effective? If you’re not sure but want to learn more, here are three ways hypnosis works to get rid of those uninvited and unwanted extra pounds. It’s sure worth a try if you’re frustrated and at your wits end and don’t know what to do next. If you’re really motivated to lose weight, it will be especially easy to succeed using this method.

Reason 1: It will help you get to the root cause of your eating challenge

Why we eat too much, too fast, the wrong foods, in the wrong places, at the wrong times is generally connected to other reasons than food. So starting with some detective work will be most valuable. Hypnosis will aid you in getting back to the time you started to use food for reasons other than nourishment. You’ll remember what was going on when you first started to gain weight. More likely than not, there was stress involved. Maybe there was also trauma, or it was a sad or distressing time in your life. Food became a source of comfort. Maybe work or home responsibilities or school workload became so stressful that you turned to food to cope with it all.

The beauty of individual hypnosis   is that you can get to the particulars of your situation, understand how it all started, and acquire the insight and openness to change. At this point you will also be able to see that turning to food was the best strategy you had at the time to control your life.

Then, you can change your emotional relationship to those events and free yourself from your past. Reason 2 now comes into play so that you can reframe your life situation and start to feel confident, content, and ready to move forward.

Reason 2: It will help you convert negative emotions connected to food and eating to positive ones

Often when we overeat or eat inappropriately, we are using food as our friend. You’ll begin to see that you have been dwelling on all of your failures, and few or none of your successes. You needed a good friend to make you feel better. Or maybe you are afraid of food because of its hold on you. You might tense up just thinking of that delicious ice cream in your freezer that you swore you’d save for family or friends, but it keeps talking to YOU.

An inner struggle goes on with one part of you saying, “I’m not going to eat this any more” and the other part saying,

“I had such a hard day. Just this once I’ll reward myself with some chocolate chip cookies.”

In reality, while you’re feeling good eating the food, afterwards you regret it. You might feel bad physically, notice that you’re bloated, tired, and feel so guilty and frustrated. Now you’re disappointed in yourself. The food did not help like you thought it would.

Now’s the time to use hypnosis for weight loss to switch those negative emotions to positive ones. Hypnosis will help you change your emotional responses so you feel content, happy about your new direction, and confident that you can do it. As you anticipate once again wearing those ‘skinny’ clothes in your closet, you feel excited and good about yourself.

Food is still your friend, but now in a different way. Food becomes a way to be healthy, nourished, energized, and full of life. The  way you used to feel gradually drops away, until you completely forget the place inside you where you previously dwelt.  You enjoy being you in this new space. As you feel better about yourself, it will naturally reflect in your food choices and eating habits.

Reason 3: It will give you effective suggestions to use for reaching your goals

Now that you’re more confident and motivated, you are in a position to accept suggestions of a positive nature that will help you reach your goals. Hypnosis leaves you in a relaxed state physically and mentally. Your mind is then quieter and all the remaining old self-talks are temporarily suspended. In this state of relaxed alertness, your mind is ready to let go of the old and take in the new. It becomes easy to see or imagine yourself at your desired weight, making healthy food choices, exercising more, and feeling good about yourself. You notice that you are also becoming an inspiration for others.

Problem Solved

Once hypnosis for weight loss has solved the problem, you are now ready to move on to other goals you wanted to accomplish. Hypnosis will also be helpful in accomplishing these other goals, so keep it in mind for finding freedom in non-food areas of your life as well.



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