Capacity, Concentration, and Observation

Putting all of the earlier challenges together, we add one final piece: putting your breath on the wheel.

Growth Through Challenge

As you challenge yourself to increase your concentration skill, you are forming stronger neural pathways in your brain.  This is one of the ways that meditation benefits us.  Your ability to concentrate when meditating will help you concentrate in other areas of life.  First, we must put in the practice.

A New Challenge

We continue to transition from simply observing the breath, to modifying the breath.  This advances our meditation practice.

You’re Getting Good at This

You’ve been watching your breath now for some time, so let’s challenge you to notice the subtleties of your breathing.  Doing so will improve your mindfulness training.

What does our breathing tell us?

Engaging the diaphraghm is a beneficial practice.  It may seem like a little thing, but it’s really important.  How we breathe has all kinds of impacts on our heart rate, the neurotransmitters in our brain, and the overall state of our body.

We’re Observing

Just focus on observing, and I’ll explain more in the next video.

You Can Count to Five. It’s Easy!

This may seem silly to some, but the key here is that we’re working on concentration.  Your life will benefit from increasing your ability to concentrate.

Is there a distinct difference in the length of your inhale vs your exhale?


Now you are refining the mindfulness aspect of your meditation practice even further.  Remember, no judgement about what you notice; just observe what you do notice.