Today, we continue the development of our observational skills.

Notice how, in this video, when Paul asks about “doing it right or wrong” that is not the point of the task.  The goal is to help you develop mindfulness, and mindfulness is about observing without judgement.

Today, another small step forward.

 Task Orientation:

  1. Same process as the previous days, in terms of getting yourself physically seated and ready.
  2. Start with the same focus on your breath coming in at the nose, like yesterday.
  3. Now, what else do you notice about yourself?

Today, we’re taking a small step forward that’s super simple.

Task Reminder:

  1. The goal is to meditate for two minutes, just like yesterday.
  2. Today, keep your mind focused on the part of the nose that Charles explains in the video.

There is a tendency for people to think that meditation is more complex than it really is.  This leads to judging or analyzing the experience as it’s happening, as if there must be something more to it than what is happening.  Let go of any such urges, and simply focus on the task for today.

Let’s keep it simple.  Here’s the one task for you to do today.

The Task: sit happily still for two minutes.

  1. Find a sitting position that is comfortable.  You can sit on the floor, or in a straight backed chair.
  2. Place your hands on your legs, and just be still for two minutes.

Did you know there is a group here on the site for our meditators?  Check it out.