Help People AND Grow Your Brand

The Vision:

An online community that encourages people to live healthier, happier, abundant lives through hypnosis.

We have an opportunity to impact the lives of millions!  And thanks to modern technology, we have the ability to reach them at a global scale.

Four Forms of Content Creation

  1. Podcast.
    We generate a weekly show that gets published as a video podcast and an audio podcast.  You would not be in the show every week, but you will benefit from the traffic it brings to the site.
  2. Blog Articles
    Practitioners write a monthly piece for the site’s blog area, addressing the use of hypnosis for a specific challenge.  It is critical that your articles NOT make claims for which there is no evidence.  You must be clear in your writing about the difference between your opinion and anything that could be taken to be a claim.
  3. Audio/Video Recording
    You might contribute an audio recording or video that’s not a live presentation for our members to consume.  The goal is to build a library of content that delivers enormous value to our audience.
  4. Quests
    We have a learning management system that allows us to develop curriculum and deliver it to users so that they have a focused personal growth experience.  As the professional, you would bring your curriculum to the community, and we would help you fit that curriculum into our quest format.