We all know how important sleep is to our body, but did you also know that it is essential to the inner workings of your Mind and your Spirit? During this time of uncertainty and upheaval, you may be experiencing some sleep difficulties you have never had before. With this article I hope to share with you some ways to alleviate those concerns and get back to a normal healthy night of sleep! 


THE MIND – According to Healthline – “ Sleep is important for various aspects of brain function.This includes cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance.”  It has been proven that sleep deprivation either on the job or as part of a regular sleeping routine, can cause mental impairment, not only in thinking and cognition, but also in cell regeneration. So how can you improve sleep issues that affect the mind? With Self Hypnosis, Meditation, and NLP or NeuroLinguistic Programming. The WWOC has several presentations on these very matters. If you want to know how to practice any of these modalities, you can check out the presentations at the World Wellness Online Conference. When we use Meditation for example, it helps us turn inwards, to focus on our breathing and to help us quiet our mind. When we do this, we find that the chatter that often goes on in our brains in the wee hours, can be minimized which allows for the natural process of sleep to set in. Another great way to make this happen is to use your IMAGINATION. Create a story in your mind and then follow it until the mind quiets down and allows your brain function to assist you in falling asleep. (Something similar to counting sheep) Also, with the use of Hypnosis either audio recordings or the practice of self hypnosis you can also create a sound way to quiet the mind and give pause so the natural process of sleep takes over. And with NLP, using the right words and the right framing (mental framing – Wikipedia) “ The framing effect is a cognitive bias where people decide on options based on whether the options are presented with positive or negative connotations; e.g. as a loss or as a gain. You can train your mind to think more positively about sleep, by using specific language patterns and consistent words that represent the outcome you desire. For instance, “Everytime I enter my bedroom at night and I see my pillow, I know that sleep will be easy and comfortable for me to achieve”. With use of any of these techniques on a consistent basis, you will be able to achieve the sleep your body needs and deserves. 


THE BODY – On Medical News today “A lack of sleep can affect body weight. Two hormones in the body, leptin and ghrelin, control feelings of hunger and satiety, or fullness. When you don’t get enough sleep these hormones are affected … Not sleeping enough increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Insufficient sleep can affect hormone production, including growth hormones and testosterone in men” 

In Essence Sleep is crucial to your body’s ability to rest, regenerate and control hormones that are responsible for a number of vital functions in the body. You might be wondering what are some ways to help your body find the rest that it needs. Breathing is a great technique which can help the body control not only respiratory rhythm, but also help calm the Autonomic Nervous System. Which in turn controls your breathing, digestion and heartbeat. It is a response of the unconscious mind,  something we don’t often need to think about. However with intentional breathing we can control our heart rate and we can slow down our nervous system so we can relax. With practiced breathing techniques like Four Square Breathing or Triangular Breathing, we train our mind and our body to follow our commands naturally and easily. In turn our bodies respond with relaxation and lowered heart rate which is good for calming the body and mind as a whole. You can also do daily activities like Yoga, or Tapping also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). With tools like this you are able to better control the messages from your mind to your body. It does require Consistency and Practice to see the best results. 


THE SPIRIT – On Gabby Bernstein’s Site – “Sleep is a spiritual practice – From a spiritual perspective, lack of sleep is a big way we block our power, creativity and intuition. Sleep is the time when the body has a chance to repair. When your body can’t repair itself, you not only feel ill, but you also feel blocked. Your energy field is weakened, which diminishes your power presence. Our body is just an energetic vibration. And if our body is literally functioning at a low capacity because we haven’t gotten enough rest, then we will have a hard time calling in what we desire and being of high service.”  When we are not being of service to ourselves, we are not being of service to anyone. The world needs you and your special abilities RIGHT NOW! When our spirit is not being nurtured, and we are not responding to our calling then we are not being who we were truly meant to be. Again, how do you nurture your spirit? By daily practice of turning inward, through Prayer, Meditation and through Reiki Energy work or other types of Vibrational Energy Work. Join an online Meditation Group, or seek out people who can provide energy work for you. When our physical bodies are not being nurtured, or have the opportunity to regenerate then our spirit suffers as well. If you can find people to support you spiritually either through church, or through a meditation support group, or even an online exercise group, you will be doing your body and your mind and your spirit a great service. Now is the time to do what is necessary to heal yourself from the inside out. So you can be your Best self and be of service to others in need. Be Well and GET SOME SLEEP! 


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