“If you can dream it, you can do it,” … is a quote widely attributed to Walt Disney. While the sentiment is apt and inspiring, Disney didn’t say that. Disney archivist, Dave Smith, explains that…”the phrase was actually coined by a Disney employee for the Epcot ride Horizons, in the 1980s”, according to Gizmodo. Sounds inspirational though, doesn’t it?

Annie Alexander, a Visioning Facilitator, speaker, hypnotherapist and Evolutionary Astrologer, says that in the late 1970s, Rev.Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and a small circle of trusted colleagues and friends began Visioning. Dr. Beckwith appeared on Oprah after his role in the DVD about the Law of Attraction called, ‘The Secret’ in 2006 and has become internationally well-known since then.

Visioning became a vehicle to achieve personal fulfillment and turbo-charge traditional goal setting.  Visioning eclipses dreaming because with Visioning, you are tapping into your Soul’s intention and when you align with that energy, the power of the entire Universe is at your disposal!  Your desired vision begins to manifest.

Where Did My Life Go?                                                                                                                                     Have you ever asked yourself, why is it that the more I gain, the less fulfilled I feel?
This is a familiar refrain for me:
– I did everything right
– I made the right moves
– I spoke the right words
– I’ve worked on myself continuously
– I’ve struggled, sacrificed and worked hard, yet, the emptiness persists

There’s something behind the emptiness. It’s my Soul’s calling. If only I could hear it better. If only it could be clearer. If only I could decipher the message from that still, small voice.
There Is A Way.  It’s called Visioning.

Dr. Beckwith calls Visioning “The Secret Ingredient to Living a Deeply Fulfilled and Purposeful Life”.
Imagine what life would be like:
– If you didn’t have to go through the struggle trying to reach your goals in life?

– How relieved you’d feel if you weren’t constantly setting and re-setting your goals trying to find which ones are worth your attention and which ones aren’t?

– How peaceful you’d feel if achieving your goals weren’t a matter of trying, but rather a matter of accepting, or better yet, creating?

Like a robust garden, when you are nourished by the right environment, you will also blossom into the divine expression of who you really are.

The big question is, how can you create a such a space in your life?

That Space Is Called Visioning and It Will Help You Create Your Future
Visioning is a meditative-like process that focuses on allowing our subconscious thoughts to deliver inner wisdom rather than using our conscious mind or willpower. Meditation, however, focuses on quieting the conscious mind. Visioning wants our subconscious mind to speak up, speak out, speak clearly. It operates from pure, Divine inspiration. You no longer need willpower. The power of the Divine Vision propels you into the creation of your future.

During the Visioning process, a participant consciously tunes into the inner self where true emotional intelligence resides. Our conscious or waking mind is limited and dictated by our ego so it’s not a reliable mechanism for capturing the big picture of infinite possibilities.

Visioning isn’t just the stuff of metaphysics. There’s science behind the practice. A Scientific American article describes several research studies supporting the value of looking ahead to envision a desired future state.
“What is my future?” is a productive question. People who wonder about their future exhibit an especially healthy form of curiosity, one that augurs greater well-being over time.

Visioning Is Awareness
Visioning is awareness of our Soul’s purpose and intent and when we are actively planning for our future, as Visioning allows us to do, we are engaging cooperatively and collaboratively with others, sharing our vision and observing how we “sync up” with similar thoughts.

“Synching Up” is term coined by this author to describe a process similar to brainwave entrainment: Brainwave entrainment, the practice of entraining one’s brainwaves to a desired frequency. When we sync up, we are creating a momentum or critical mass of energy that contains the exponential power to create and change worlds. We are enlisting the power of the Universe to create what our Souls’ desire.
Imagine creating your future with this kind of energy!

Visioning as the Art of Creating Your Future
Visioning is an amazing technology for galvanizing creative energy that we all possess and harnessing it within a group context. It allows us to align with our Soul’s intent and when we do that, we are unstoppable.

The Visioning process strengthens our focus and expands us in ways we only dream of. When we allow our creative or intentional energy to flow in alignment with our Soul’s true intentions, we become formidable. Because we are synching up with others, we intersect with people, places and things on a multidimensional level. Some may even call this synchronicity or a miracle.

Everyday components assemble themselves. Those who understand how reality unfolds, will recognize that these miracles represent the intersection of right timing, person, place and purpose. This is the Universe acting on our behalf.

In the quantum world, many events occur simultaneously no matter where the components exist because indeed, we are all interconnected just as the natural world is a macrocosmic web of interrelationships. Trees and animals all communicate with one another in their special way, generally outside the awareness of human neighbors.

The communication that takes place in the natural world is focused outside the realms that most humans typically engage with because we have not been educated how to understand the signals that work cooperatively in the natural world. Our indigenous populations are experts at this type of communication. Visioning provides us with that insight and experience.

Why Use Visioning?
Visioning allows infinite intelligence to stream through us in an unfiltered manner, capturing spontaneous thoughts and information from a Soul-level perspective. This information is not subject to the strict, judgmental gatekeeper functions of our ego or conscious mind.
When we allow our Soul-level thoughts to be present and when we connect with others doing the same thing, our creations are unlimited and do indeed seem miraculous. Whether we’re building a community project, a business, our health or our peace of mind, cooperative components flow together easily and effortlessly. Our timing becomes impeccable and struggle is now a thing of the past. This is the art of creating our future!

What Does A Visioning Session Look Like?
An effective visioning exercise requires closely following a set of prescribed steps or instructions given by the facilitator.
Find a quiet space and bring a journal or something to write down impressions, thoughts, phrases or images that come to you.
1. The group agrees upon the shared intention (such as creating a business, a program, an event, or even achieving a state of mind such as “the vision for our safety and peace of mind”.)
2. The facilitator opens the sacred space with an affirmative prayer
3. The facilitator asks 5 depth-oriented questions
4. Participants are given 1-2 minutes per question with no crosstalk during this time
5. Following the completion of the 5th question, participants will share their responses
6. The facilitator closes the sacred space with another affirmative prayer

How Often Do We Vision?
Visioning may be used as often as you like, sometimes weekly or bi-weekly, but at least once a month. Creating your future self, business, project, home, relationship, abundance or whatever you choose, will build in momentum each time you connect with fellow Visioners. ©

What Happens In Between Visioning Sessions?
In between sessions, which last about 1-1.5 hours, you’ll notice changes, some subtle, some more bold, depending upon what you’re Visioning for. Perhaps most importantly, you will notice changes in yourself for above all else, this is a process of personal transformation. After all, how can you create your future and not be transformed?  That would be impossible!

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