Anxiety, worry, anger and fear are stress emotions.  There are certain times when stress is needed, but consistency is what leads to internal depletion and burnout.  These exhausting emotions cause the brain and nervous system to become imbalanced which impairs cognitive functions, raises cortisol and lowers the immune system. Various meditation practices are a great way to rebuild, but most need a more time effective, better system for replenishment.

Modern life has left our inner battery at an all-time low.  Constant expenditure without any type of reset has left many beyond fatigued.  It has led to burnout, error rate and many health challenges.

Heart Coherence is an optimal state which the mind, body and emotions are aligned and in sync.  The state of heart coherence can give you access to better health, both physically and mentally. Heart coherence leads to resilience.  Resilience leads to better sleep, focus, clear thinking and discernment.  It improves reaction times as well as energy levels. Keying into heart coherence also strengthens intuition.

A few health benefits of heart coherence:

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