Are you a self-proclaimed control freak?  Wouldn’t the world just run smoother if you could control the key players in your life? After all, you are smart and have good intentions.  If you made all the decisions and wrapped everyone you love in a protective bubble, you would not have to worry and could sleep soundly at night.  Sound good?  I thought you might agree.
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These simple phrases of “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you” have magical qualities.   

They have the capability to transcend negative thinking. 

They have the ability to tap into higher wisdom.  

They have the ability to heal hurts and wounds.  
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Wise Mind Hypnosis on Long Island

I was recently working with a client who proclaims her life is a proverbial “shit show.”  A single, working parent with two teenage children.  Late one night she calls me on the phone frantically about the demands of life and how she gets no free time to herself. She goes on to describe how she does not get any time alone in her home.  The irony of her story is that she fears to be alone.  Yes, there is a big difference between having some alone time and being alone. She is an active person by nature, a real doer who likes to jump into action to fix problems.  
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