Emotional freedom? John Kabat-Zinn (Full Catastrophe Living) and Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence) based their research partly on their own experience with meditation. Both set out, in scientific jargon, to disprove their hypothesis that meditation and related practices were valuable to our health and well-being. Their findings have helped prove to our western scientific materialist medical paradigm that there is another avenue to understanding what vibrant health means other than just chemicals and drugs. Read more

Like most of us, my beliefs have been generated by past experiences. But unlike most, my beliefs are also strongly influenced by the system of astrology.
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I have personally dealt with illness and the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 uterine cancer in December of 2016.  I understand how scary it is for people now with the coronavirus outbreak. Literally, you are faced with uncertainty, sickness, isolation, career and financial issues, the wellness of those you love and your own mortality.  You must weigh your options from the information given by medical professionals and proceed in an unprecedented direction, completely changing everything you knew before this time.  
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