Would you love to be able to navigate all the uncertainty with much more ease and grace?  Is that even possible considering everything that’s happening in the world?
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Lately I found myself thinking about expectations a lot.

I hear people saying that they are working towards having no expectations. My initial reaction was feeling astounded. Later I was impressed, when I heard statements like: “I have no, really no, I mean zero expectations.” Many questions crossed my mind. How do you do this? Why is that so important to not have expectations? For how long have you been practicing it? The responses sounded mostly very similar: “If I don’t have expectations, I can’t be disappointed. I’m open to the situations. I’m open to change. I’m flexible. I go with the flow. I feel free.” All sounds good and intriguing to me! I thought: I want that, too.

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Self-care is important to our well-being.  Creating good self-care habits will make a big difference in your confidence.  First, let’s do a short assessment, and then we’ll do an exercise.

What messages are you sending yourself that you take for granted?  Let’s start being purposeful about the thoughts we repeat and the messaging behind those thoughts.

Practice This:

Stand in front of a mirror, making eye contact with yourself in the mirror, and say, “I let go of resistance.  I’m willing to change.” Repeat the mantra 7-10 times when you practice.